crystal bio

Crystal Leblanc

Master Stylist, Salon Owner, Beauty Consultant, and Entrepreneur. Specializing in the science of hair and scalp. My expertise is in healthy hair care. Specialties include the growth of natural and relaxed hair, proper weave placement and hair cutting. Being a stylist is very personal to me, not just a job. Being able to positively affect, bless and inspire others has been one of my life’s missions. I’ve realized that having great healthy hair is important to a women’s self image. I want to do everything possible to help make every woman’s life better when it comes to hair.

Wearing hair extensions is a great choice for many women with busy lifestyles or who just want a different look. Over the past 10 years, I have seen so many women struggle over hair choices and styles. I have developed a simplified process for the care and styling of most hair types. I have tested hundreds of different kinds of hair, so when it came to the hair I would brand, I recognized and chose the very best. This hair has passed my “year test”. It looks and feels natural, colors beautifully, it has little to no shedding and it has been consistent and tangle free. I am very proud to call this my brand, ‘Tres Bella Hair’, which means very beautiful hair.

My clients have worn this hair for a year. We redid the braiding every six weeks. After a year, the hair was just as beautiful and I was still as impressed with the hair as I was on day one. Mostly, I love how natural the hair looks and how easy it is to maintain.

Welcome to Tres Bella Hair, I hope you wear your hair with pride and confidence!